Maintaining temperature

The center is equipped with a powerful cooling system, supply and exhaust ventilation systems

Closed territory

24 hours guarded closed territory, constantly under video surveillance

A close source of energy

Uninterrupted power supply of the center is ensured by close proximity to generating facilities

Cleanliness monitoring

Cleanliness is monitored by the monitoring of air humidity and dust filtration. Weekly cleaning service is provided

Safety of equipment
We guarantee the safety of your equipment!
The data center is located on the territory of a regime facility, it is under round-the-clock security and is equipped with an integrated security system
Fire alarm, displayed on a 24-hour dispatcher's console
The placement of equipment is fixed by an official agreement
Mymining Data Center Capacities
Mymining Data Center Capacities
Mymining Data Center Capacities
Mymining Data Center Capacities
Mymining Data Center Capacities
Mymining Data Center Capacities
Easy to use

You can track all necessary and interesting you processes from a remote location computer, which allows to save time

You can conveniently track all work and changes from your mobile phone

Notification with popular social networks and instant messengers

Investments and profits

Investments and loans in mining crypto-currency with a return of 25% to 160% per annum and a payback of 11 months.

The computing equipment becomes a pledge or completely becomes the property of the investor.

Crypto currency is the most profitable investment of funds. Liquidity crypto currency is included in the top ten of all currencies in the world.

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Calculating the cost of placement

Device model

Number of devices

First name


Remote Location

Regular maintenance

You do not need to take care of the technical health of the equipment, every device is monitored by specialists and always produces a planned maintenance

Stable power delivery

You will forget about the problem of power shortage, interruptions in the supply of electricity and a rise in the price of electricity. The data center will provide any necessary power

Equipped room

If your devices are located in a room not equipped for mining, you inevitably lose money on additional cooling, and the miners fail from constant overheating

Round-the-clock security

You do not have to worry about the safety of the equipment. 24-hour security and remote video surveillance will remove this headache

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